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Through Isler Sailing International, America’s Cup veteran, author and well-known television personality Peter Isler provides a variety of services including:



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  • Another Record Falls:  Peter was navigating (and grinding) aboard the MOD 70 trimaran, Orion when it shredded the course record in the 2016 Newport Beach to Ensenada Race.   New record - 5h 15m!.   

  • Racing and Navigation Webinars:  During the past four months Peter teamed up with NorthU to produce an entirely new series of his acclaimed racing navigation webinars (featuring Expedition software).   They are all available online at NorthU.

  • Sailing For Dummies, Amazon's #1 sailing book!!  Earlier this year, Peter & JJ's long time best seller, Sailing For Dummies was ranked as the #1 sailing book at!   The first edition of this classic came out over a decade ago - fully updated since then - this classic is probably the best selling consumer sailing book of all time.   Translated into over a dozen languages Sailing for Dummies keeps sharing JJ & Peter's love for the sport.   .     

  • Sailing News:  Last year was a busy one for Peter including west coast races on the MOD 70 Orion (this video shows us hitting 39 knots in SF Bay!), Caribbean, UK, and European races on the Swan 90 Odin, and some freshwater fun in both Mac Races on Windquest.  It wrapped up at Yale for the 39th edition of the Snow & Satisfaction" regatta - an event Peter co-founded.  This year he's stayed in the Pacific region racing in New Zealand and California on the new 52 footer - FOX and the 70 foot trimaran Orion.

  • Motivational Speeches:  Peter was the the keynote speaker at Continuum's NAVIGATE  event in Boston receiving accolades from Continuum's CEO Michael George:

"Peter was the keynote at our first annual user conference, aptly named Navigate - where 450 of our top partners from around the globe attended. Peter invested considerable time and effort to meet with me and other members of my team to understand the audience and environment – so he could tailor his presentation to maximize the benefits. He did an extraordinary job sharing some riveting stories and experiences, through words and video, to capture the hearts and minds of our audience – and translate that into appropriate and relevant business parallels. Our audience left the auditorium exhausted and exhilarated at the same time! People felt Peter tied the principals of high-performance sail racing with the team efforts and needs of all businesses large and small." 

  • Closer to home, Peter  teamed up with tennis superstar Stan Smith at a Chase Bank event in San Diego.   Peter was the keynote speaker at KPMG's Iberoamerica Tax Summit  in Buenos Aires. Here's a video interview Peter gave at that event.

  • Happy Birthday!  The Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands recently celebrated its 40th anniversary and Peter was on hand to share in the celebration.  Peter developed the first sailing program for the Bitter End which is the #1 water sports oriented resort in the world!

  • Another Record and more line honors!  Last year, Peter navigated Dick and Doug DeVos' Windquest to first to finish in the famed Chicago to Mackinac Island Race.  In 2014 Peter navigated Tom Siebel's MOD70 trimaran Orion in the 1000 mile San Diego to Puerto Vallarta ocean race to line honors and a new record - 2d 8h 33m in 2014.  The Orion team shattered the previous record (set by Steve Fossett) by over six hours. 

  • Latest Book:  Peter Isler's Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets (Wiley & Turner) has been a big hit. In it Peter shares his extensive knowledge and recounts some of the highlights of his life as a professional sailor. It is a classic collection of tips, lessons, and entertaining sea stories. Watch here for upcoming book signings.

  • America's Cup.  Congratulations to Larry Ellison, Russell Coutts and the entire Oracle TEAM USA for their incredible come from behind victory last September!  Peter has competed in five America's Cup campaigns, winning it twice with Dennis Conner's Stars & Stripes team.  At the 2007 Cup in Spain, he served as navigator with Larry Ellison's BMW Oracle Racing Team. In 2009 and 2010 Peter sailed with Ben Ainslie and Britain's TeamOrigin. Peter has also served as television analyst in five America's Cups (ESPN, ABC, Outdoor Life Network, VERSUS Network and ACTV).  The next America's Cup will be in Bermuda in 2017.

  • Andrew "Bart" Simpson (in memory):    The sailing world lost a great champion and a fine individual on San Francisco bay during training for the last America's Cup.  Life is precious - cherish every day.

  • Another Record Falls!:  On cold and windy 2013 Memorial Day weekend, George David's Rambler team - with Peter calling tactics, smashed the course record in the 68th annual Around Block Island Race  by over 2 hours.  Later, in July, Rambler smashed the record in the Round the Island Race (Martha's Vineyard).  All that on the heels of the previous season when the Rambler team, with Peter calling the shots, finished first and broke the course record in the world's oldest and most prestigious ocean race - the Bermuda Race - Newport, RI to Bermuda.   The 90 foot sloop Rambler sailed the 635 course in under 40 hours, at an average speed of over 16 knots... breaking the previous record by over 13 hours! Here's a video of that record passage produced by Rambler teammate, Carl Williams.

  • TeamBuilding Events:  On Captiva Island, Florida,  Peter was the special guest in a sailing teambuilding event for senior executives of the Forestar Group.

  • Another Emmy Award!:  In May, 2013 VERSUS Network won an Emmy Award for its America's Cup Highlight Show and Peter was recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as a Commentator for that show.  For Peter it was the second time he's been on an Emmy winning team.  Peter also co-hosted the America's Cup World Series'  opening press conference in San Diego with his friend and basketball Hall of Famer, Bill Walton.  

  • Rescued at Sea! During the infamous Fastnet Race of 2011, Peter and his 20 teammates aboard Rambler100 survived a dramatic capsize when the boat's keel fin fractured and the 100 foot carbon fiber race boat overturned 30 miles off Ireland's southwest coast.  Five crew were swept away in the strong currents and spent three hours in 56 degree water.  Thanks to the combination good preparation, some quick thinking and heroic effort by Peter and his shipmates, the diligence of the Irish Coast Guard, the skills of the  volunteer crew of the RNLI's Baltimore Lifeboat, and a leprechaun's pot-full of luck, the story has a happy ending.   Here's Peter's account written a day after the accident and published in Scuttlebutt, and a podcast of an interview recorded the same day by Sailing World. Here's some pictures from the day.

  • Here is an Economic Times article on Peter's book "At The Helm, Business Lessons for Navigating Rough Waters" (in conjunction with the Indian edition's release) and the connection between success in business and sailing. 


   View's America's Cup navigator feature on Peter here

Newest book! Peter Isler's Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets is bound to become a classic.  Modeled after Harvey Penick's Little Red Book (a golfing classic), in the Little Blue Book, Peter shares sea stories and lessons from a lifetime on the water.  Available at your local bookstore or online here.



Sailing for DummiesNow in its 2nd Edition and translated into over a dozen languages!: Find Peter’s best selling book, Sailing for Dummies (Wiley, co-written with JJ Isler) available at West Marine, your local bookstore or click here to order it or his other books including the acclaimed business book,  At the Helm: Business Lessons for Navigating Rough Waters (Doubleday,  co-written with Peter Economy) from


WB01110_.GIF (445 bytes) Peter is Editor At Large for Sailing World Magazine the nation's premier sailboat racing periodical. Check out the latest sailboat racing news with great links to regattas, weather and other marine resources at


Record Passages The list continues to grow - In 2016 Peter navigated Tom Siebel's 70' trimaran Orion which broke the Newport to Ensenada Race course record by over an hour and a half.  In 2014 Peter was aboard  Orion when it smashed the San Diego - Puerto Vallarta Race record.  In 2013, Peter and the Rambler team broke the course records in the Around Martha's Vineyard Race and the Around Block Island Race.  In June, 2012 Peter was calling the shots aboard Rambler in smashing the Newport to Bermuda Race Record. This is the oldest ocean race on the planet and the Rambler team took over 13 hours off the record - average speed, over 16 knots.  In 2011, Peter was navigator aboard Rambler100 which set records in the Block Island Race, the Caribbean 600 and the Transatlantic Race 2011 (Newport, RI to England).  In the latter, the massive monohull averaged 16.69 knots for the entire passage... the fastest average speed in any Transatlantic Race ever. In 2005, Peter was tactician aboard Tom & Dot Hill's 75 foot sloop Titan, which shredded nearly 20% off the Pineapple Cup Race record.  Racing from Ft. Lauderdale to Montego Bay, in "perfect storm" conditions - Titan established a new record of 2 days, 10+ hours which could stand for a very long time!   A few months later Peter (and co-navigator Ian Moore) helped point Hasso Plattner's 86 foot CBTF sloop Morning Glory to first to finish and a race record of 6 days 16 hours in the Transpac Race (Los Angeles to Hawaii ... .Congratulations to Stan Honey, Peter's roommate at Yale who navigated Alfa Romeo to a new race record in 2009!).   

Peter is sponsored by Kaenon, simply the best performance sunglasses.

Winning Races!  Expedition, a powerful navigation and performance sailing software developed by Whitbread Around the World Race winning navigator, Nick White has had tremendous success since introduction last year.  Peter has worked closely with Nick refining Expedition into a powerful and versatile tool which he uses in all of his big boat racing.  Visit the Expedition website for more information.  And check out Peter's Expedition webinars at NorthU.

Peter has long been associated with the Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands. He developed the BEYC's first sailing school program and is a regular participant in their annual Pro-AM event. There is no better place for a watersports' oriented vacation than the Bitter End

Peter navigated the late Roy Disney's highly successful 77 foot sloop "Pyewacket" in the 2003 Transpacific Yacht Race (Los Angeles to Honolulu).    Peter and the Pyewacket team broke the monohull record in the 2003 Newport to Ensenada Race  by nearly an hour! 

WB01110_.GIF (445 bytes)  Peter was instrumental in developing CBTFCo's (formerly DynaYacht) revolutionary canting ballast – twin foil™ technology that is featured in the 90' Genuine Risk, Admiral's Cup champion Wild Oats and the Schock 40 - Sailing World Magazine's 2001 Boat of the Year.  To learn more about CBTFCo and CBTF™ technology click here.

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